February 18, 2021

‘7 minutes of terror’: Perserverance rover’s nail-biting landing phase

Washington (AFP) – Seven months after blast-off, NASA’s Mars 2020 mission will have to negotiate its shortest and most intense phase on Thursday: the “seven minutes of terror” it takes to slam the brakes and land the Perseverance rover on a narrow target on the planet’s surface. Entry, Descent, and Landing (EDL) begins when the spacecraft carrying Perseverance strikes the Martian atmosphere at nearly 12,500 miles per hour (20,000 kilometers per hour). It ends around seven minutes later with the rover at rest on the surface. Touchdown on the Jezero Crater is scheduled for 3:55 pm US eastern tim…

source https://this.kiji.is/en/735005250949185536?c=648607265489716321

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