July 31, 2020

Virus rules leave Bollywood’s low-paid army stricken

Mumbai (AFP) – India’s coronavirus lockdown made little difference to Bollywood superstars but for the industry’s vast army of low-paid, unskilled workers it meant unemployment, hunger and homelessness — with no end in sight even as shoots gradually resume.Fahim Shaikh used to earn 800 rupees ($11) a day as a “spot boy” on sets, doing odd jobs such as making tea. When Bollywood hit pause on productions in March, the 23-year-old could no longer pay rent.”I just wandered up and down, asking strangers for help and sleeping outside cafes,” he told AFP.Like many starry-eyed newcomers, he came to M…

source https://this.kiji.is/en/661772680884061281?c=648607265489716321

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