July 31, 2020

A decade on, hero Chilean miners are bitter and divided

Copiap√≥ (Chile) (AFP) – A decade ago, 33 Chilean miners became a symbol of hope and solidarity after surviving for more than two months trapped deep underground in the Atacama desert.Today, far from the whirlwind of global media attention that greeted them upon their miracle escape, the men are at odds — mired in trauma, illness, jealousy and bitterness.”We greatly enhanced the name of our country. Our accident opened borders, it made our country known and we’ve been treated terribly,” says Mario Sepulveda, 49.On August 5, 2010, just after lunch, part of the San Jose copper mine in northern C…

source https://this.kiji.is/en/661787750677283937?c=648607265489716321

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