July 28, 2020

Volkswagen has paid $9.5 bn to US drivers over ‘dieselgate’

Washington (AFP) – Volkswagen has paid some $9.5 billion since 2016 to US motorists misled by devices installed by the German automaker to cheat emission standards, the US federal consumer protection authority said Monday.The international scandal — known as “dieselgate” — has tarnished Volkswagen’s image ever since.The auto giant admitted in 2015 to cheating emissions tests on 11 million vehicles worldwide. Software built into motors made the cars appear to spew fewer harmful pollutants in the lab than on the road.Owners of vehicles from VW or Porsche, a subsidiary of the Wolfsburg-based ma…

source https://this.kiji.is/en/660685485503497313?c=648607265489716321

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