July 28, 2020

Peru says over 900 girls, women feared dead since pandemic began

Lima (AFP) – A staggering 900-plus girls and women are missing and feared dead in Peru since COVID-19 confinement began, authorities said Monday.The Andean nation home to 33 million people long has had a horrific domestic violence problem.But COVID-19, which has compounded home confinement combined with job losses and a health crisis, has seen an already scary situation grow worse in just 3-1/2 months, according to Eliana Revollar, who leads the women’s rights office of the National Ombudsman’s office.Seventy percent of that figure are minors, she added.”During the quarantine, from March 16 to…

source https://this.kiji.is/en/660625138028921953?c=648607265489716321

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